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November 26, 2014   •  Category: Charity, Video0 Comments

November 26, 2014   •  Category: Appearances0 Comments

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November 26, 2014   •  Category: Articles & Interviews0 Comments

This Thanksgiving, Hilary Swank is giving thanks to her four-legged friends.

The Oscar-winning actress will be co-hosting the Cause for Paws telethon, which works to find shelter dogs their forever homes, along with Jane Lynch on Thanksgiving.

“We’re really celebrating dogs and the joy they bring to our lives,” Hilary explained when she called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday. “It’s an entertaining family show. We’re showcasing a bunch of dogs, approximately 50-60 dogs that are up for adoption, for people to call in and say, ‘Oh, I love that dog and I’d like to bring them home to my household.’”

But for every dog that finds a home via Cause for Paws, there are millions more in need of a human companion, Hilary adds.

If you can’t rescue a dog from the show, you can type in your zip code from PetFinder.com and find a dog near you to rescue. Really the importance of our show is really a platform to tell everybody how many dogs we have in shelters. In the United States alone, we have nearly 8 million dogs and 4 [million] of them never make it out of the shelter. It’s shocking and knowledge is power and the more people know these numbers and know that 25 percent of those dogs are purebred …we’re just going to help connect them to their new four-legged family member.”

And she would know! Hilary, 39, is the owner of two rescue pups. In fact, “One of my dogs is sitting here nudging my elbow,” she reveals. “His name is Kai. He’s a Jack Russell-Dachshund mix that I rescued from Change of Heart Rescue in The Valley. And then I have another dog named Rumi, who’s a Golden Retriever I rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles.”

Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular airs on Thanksgiving at 8 p.m. on FOX and Hilary’s film The Homesman is in select theaters now!

Source: http://www.ryanseacrest.com

November 25, 2014   •  Category: Video0 Comments

November 25, 2014   •  Category: Articles & Interviews0 Comments

To which part of calling “The Homesman” a “feminist western” would Tommy Lee Jones, its director, co-writer, co-producer and costar, be more likely to object?

“It’s not very meaningful,” says Jones wearily. “I know what a western is; it’s a movie that’s got horses and big hats in it.”

“And usually just men,” adds costar Hilary Swank.

“The women are usually whores with Technicolor hair and hearts of gold,” scoffs Jones, Swank nodding in assent. “There are also those who stand at the stove in their aprons and wring their hands and bring coffee.”

November 25, 2014   •  Category: Appearances0 Comments

The Gotham Independent Film Awards will benefit from an unprecendented dosage of star power during its annual dinner at Cipriani Wall Street on Monday.

The celebration of arthouse films has tapped Uma Thurman as its host, according to the show’s backer the Independent Film Project.

The Gothams also unveiled an A-list roster of presenters, including Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal, Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Marisa Tomei, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Amy Schumer and Catherine Keener.

As awards season continues to get more cutthroat, it’s a sign that the studios now view the Gothams, which started 24 years ago as a low-key (and celebrity-less) affair, as one of the first stops on the campaign trail.

The show added a best actor and actress category last year, which upped the ante and allowed for it to better compete with the more star-studded Independent Spirit Awards, held the day before the Oscars in Santa Monica.

Source: http://variety.com

November 25, 2014   •  Category: Articles & Interviews, TV Alerts0 Comments

Check out some screencaptures which I made from Hilary’s apperance on Larry King Now.

– Talk Shows Larry King Now – November 20 2014

November 24, 2014   •  Category: Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Hilary Swank and Chris have a great conversation despite their voices being shot from busy days! She talks about going from The Karate Kid to Boys Don’t Cry, how she molded her career since then, and her new film The Homesman. She also talk about what she has learned from the many roles she has played, especially Boys Don’t Cry!

You can listen it HERE/

November 24, 2014   •  Category: Video0 Comments

Two-time Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank discusses her new western drama “The Homesman,” the treatment of women in Hollywood, and the lasting impact of her performance as a transgender teen in “Boys Don’t Cry.”

November 23, 2014   •  Category: Appearances, Gallery Updates0 Comments

Hilary arrives at FOX’s Cause For Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular at The Barker Hanger on November 22 in Santa Monica.

– Events FOX’s Cause For Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular > November 22 2014

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